What is Klub Detskej Nádeje (Children’s Hope Club) ?

Klub Detskej Nádeje (Children’s Hope Club) is a civil association uniting those who wish to contribute to enhancing, facilitating and brightening the lives of long-term hospitalized or disabled children.

KDN members are individuals who cherish spending time with children. Our primary activity is regularly visiting children in hospital departments. In the evenings, after visiting hours, we offer them companionship, an equal peer during playtime or conversations. We reintroduce them to the outside world they have temporarily been excluded from.

Our Activities

Department visits

We visit the departments in the afternoon, usually between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Children's summer camps

During summer, we organize summer camps for children who have previously overcome or are still being treated for a disease.

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Donating toys

We regularly organize fundraisers to collect toys, which are then donated to children in hospitals.

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Charity concerts

It’s a great way to express our gratitude to sponsors, approach new people, and spread the message of KDN.

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Small robotics big future

We try to introduce children to the world of robotics and computer science
through robotic toys.


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Other activities

From time to time, we organize a unique event, sometimes during the day, sometimes during the weekend as well.

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