Contribute financially

Support us directly

You can also support us financially by a simple bank transfer to our account in Prima banka with the number:

IBAN SK35 3100 0000 0040 0103 4403

It is not necessary to fill in a constant or variable symbol however any message you send to us will be appreciated.

Donate 2% of your taxes

Your 2% will make them 100% happy

Your two percent have been helping us for several years to organize programs for ill children. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to donate 2% of your taxes, whether you are an employee, a natural person or an artificial person.

You can also support us

Via the portal

Thanks to the portal, you can easily support us by making a one-time or recurring donation using a credit card, Internet banking or a bank transfer.

Via purchasing with

Shop at one of the 400 e-shops where you can support us with a few cents from your purchase. All you have to do is sign up at and install the plugin into your browser.

Via purchasing with

Simply click on and choose the store you want to shop at and choose Klub Detskej Nádeje as the association you want to support with your purchase.